Organizational supporters of just cause legislation include:

Prominent community member supporters include:

  • Grace Ahmed, City Councilor Candidate
  • Andrew Araneo, Community Member
  • Phil Baruth, State Senator
  • Avi Bauer, Student Activist
  • Ben Bergstein, Landlord
  • Mackenzie Bolas, Student Activist
  • Cinse Bonino, Community Member
  • Nell Carpenter, Community Member
  • Sarah E Carpenter, City Councilor
  • Hannah Carpino, Activist
  • Paige Carruthers, Community Member
  • Denise Casey, Community Member
  • Gwendolyn Causer, Community Member
  • Cameron Chambers, Community Member
  • Kienan Christianson, City Councilor Candidate
  • Brian Cina, State Rep
  • Selene Coleburn, State Rep
  • Mariah Cronin, Community Member
  • Margaret Crowley, Community Member
  • Talia Crowley, Community Member
  • Gary DeCarolis, Landlord of Duplex
  • Dan DeDomenico, Community Member
  • Kirsten DeLuca, Community Member
  • Adam Demasi, Community Member
  • Ali N Dieng, City Councilor
  • Kelly Dobler, Community Member
  • Ross Doree, Community Member
  • Jenna Emerson, Community Member
  • Nicholas Fech, Community Member
  • Amanda Fisher, Community Member
  • Perri Freeman, City Councilor
  • Leigh Gamble, Community Member
  • Paul Gallo, Community Member
  • Emma Galvin, Community Member
  • Anna Grunes, Community Member
  • Christa Guzmán, Community Member
  • Jack Hanson, City Councilor
  • Chrys Harrel, Student Activist
  • Ryder Hathaway, Community Member
  • Patrick Heaton, Community Member
  • Zoraya Hightower, City Councilor
  • Samantha Hurt, Activist
  • Carol Jaramillo, Community Member
  • Jabari Jones, Community Member
  • Dana Keyes-Gibbons, Community Member
  • Daniel Kirk, Landlord
  • Damon Lane, Small Landlord
  • Nathan Lantieri, Former City Council Candidate
  • Brandon Lawton, Community Member
  • Roger Lebovitz, Community Member
  • Isaac Lee, Community Member
  • Emily Listowich, Community Member
  • Fred Magdoff, Community Member
  • Carly Mangan, Community Member
  • Marie McCann, Community Member
  • Erhard Mhanke, Former City Council President
  • Jennifer Moore, Community Member
  • Joseph Moore, Community Member
  • Dian Mueller, Community Member
  • Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, State Rep
  • Sinéad Murray, Student Activist
  • Joseph O’Brien, Community Member
  • Tanya Ocker, Community Member
  • Bryan-Michael Parks, Community Member
  • Franklin Paulino, City Councilor
  • Karen Paul, City Councilor
  • Brian Pine, City Councilor
  • Megan Polyte, Community Member
  • Emily Portman, Community Member
  • Chris Pearson, State Senator
  • Barbara Rachelson, State Rep
  • Kesha Ram, State Senator
  • Vanessa Rose, Community Member
  • Jillian Rudge, Attorney
  • Sarah Sciortino, Student Activist
  • David Sidelle, Student Activist
  • Molly Skrable, Community Member
  • Taylor Small, State Rep
  • Jane Stromberg, City Councilor
  • Max Tracy, City Council President, Mayoral Candidate
  • David VAn Duesen, AFL-CIO Leader
  • Jacob Van Wolvelear, Community Member
  • Tanya Vyhovsky, State Rep
  • Emily Wanzer, Student Activist
  • David Zuckerman, Former Lieutenant Governor

Supporter Statements

“Let’s pass prop 5 and listen to BIPOC Vermonters, not speak for them. Let’s do something to actually advance fair housing, tenant safety, and BIPOC homeownership.”

– Kesha Ram, State Senator

“I believe your home is your home, whether you rent or you own. No one should be evicted if they pay their rent, respect their neighbors, and take good care of the property they’re occupying. The just cause ballot question would make this the law in Burlington, and I’m voting YES.”

– Phil Baruth, State Senator

“Question 5 is a reasonable step in our city where rent is high and landlords have nearly all the power. Vote YES on #5.”

– Chris Pearson, State Senator

“We need to frame discussion of Just Cause Evictions in the context of a small number of landlords having tremendous control over the housing – one of the most basic human needs – of a great deal of Burlingtonians.  The least we can do is create a basic level of accountability.  It is unethical on its face to allow these landlords to deny tenants these needs for no fault of their own.”

– Zoraya Hightower, Ward 1 City Councilor

“It shouldn’t even be a question whether landlords need a reason to evict tenants . Housing should be a human right, but until then, tenants deserve to feel confident in their housing situation. Landlords should not be allowed to force people into needless homelessness.”

– Sarah Sciortino, Student Activist

“Currently, as the city of Burlington’s charter is written, a renter / tenant can be evicted from their space without reason; that is, without a just cause. This is called ‘no-cause eviction,’ and hxstorically, marginalized folks – BIPOC, queer, disabled, etc. – are evicted without a just cause at higher rates. Any claim that this charter change would harm marginalized folks, as we have seen in our mailboxes and on some yard signs, are based in fear and falsehood. Saying yes brings protections to residential tenants, accountability to housing providers and discriminatory policy, and even limit unreasonable rent increases (according to the proposed charter change) to make housing more affordable and accessible in the queen city, for all Burlingtonians. Vote yes on 5!”

– The Black Perspective

“Burlingtonians need housing stability. Implementing JCE will follow in the footsteps of many, many forward-thinking communities across North America, and take a serious step in addressing our housing crisis.”

– Sarah Carpenter, Democratic City Councilor & VT Housing Expert

“Just cause eviction laws would prohibit landlords from arbitrarily evicting a tenant, and at the same time, it gives landlords the ability to evict a tenant for cause- failure to pay rent, breaking terms of the lease, doing damage, etc.  Dozens of U.S. cities passed these laws starting in the 1980’s and now several states including New Hampshire, New Jersey and California have statewide laws. A recent study at Princeton University’s Eviction Lab showed that cities that implemented just cause eviction laws experienced lower eviction, and eviction filing rates, than those that did not.”

– Barbara Rachelson, State Representative of Chittenden 6-6

“As a very small rental property owner, I have always felt that renters in Burlington face an uphill situation. With low vacancy and the current law of no cause eviction, too many are left living in fear and uncertainty.  Just cause is good for tenants and should cause no fear for those property owners, such as myself, that feel that everyone needs to have stable housing in a successful, thriving community.”

– David Zuckerman, Former Lieutenant Governor

“With a housing market like Burlington’s it is essential that we protect renters in any way we can. Just cause evictions are a necessary step toward establishing housing as a human right. As a tenant I believe that we need to pass this policy to protect vulnerable populations in our city and help us build a stronger community.”

– Avi Bauer, Student Activist

“I believe just cause rights are a fundamental human right in a democracy. It should exist for tenants as well as workers in every sector. It balances the power dynamics and allows people to have secure housing and due process. I encourage Burlington voters to join me in voting yes on just case eviction housing rights.”

– Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, State Representative of Chittenden 6-2

Considering how our unjust economy has turned the human right of housing into a commodity, the least that we can do is require just cause for an eviction.  The Just Cause Eviction charter change would institute protections and due process that allows landlords to protect their property, other tenants, and the community while making sure that all tenants have a fair chance.”

– Brian Cina, State Representative of Chittenden 6-4

“Evictions are devastating to families and neighbors.  It is particularly devastating to lose your home through no fault of your own. It’s crucial to the stability and trust within our community to give tenants and landlords fixed guidelines of what will put them at risk of eviction.  Our thriving and interconnected communities are part of what makes Burlington so special. As an attorney, it is important to me that we have clear guidelines and clear expectations so everyone can feel confident and secure in their homes.”

– Kienan Christianson, North District City Council Candidate

“Just Cause Eviction is about creating strong accountability from landlords so that renters meeting the requirements of their lease can’t be wrongfully evicted. Housing is a basic need that all of us have, and doing all we can to protect folks from losing their homes – especially during this time of heightened urgency and risk – is not just sound morality, but it’s also sound policy.”

– Max Tracy, Ward 2 City Councilor / City Council President 

“Just Cause is a fundamental principle of fairness within the labor movement; it means that working people, who need their jobs in order to live, are protected from being capriciously and unjustly fired. We and our 10,000 plus members believe the principle of just cause should be applied to housing, too, as housing is also a basic need and human right. In the midst of a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to protect our neighbors from being evicted. For these reasons, the Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud to endorse Burlington’s Just Cause Eviction referendum. We hope other Vermont municipalities will do the same.”

– Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

“Just Cause Eviction is social justice. Shelter is a basic human need and right, and it baffles me that this is still a debate. The capitalist economy is not in favor of tenants, who are the majority of our city. Our systems need to change and protecting tenants from houselessness is a critical step toward that change.”

– Jane Stromberg, Ward 8 City Councilor  

“Being evicted is one of the most devastating and destabilizing events that can happen to someone, often leading to temporary or long term houselessness. No one should be evicted without a just cause. This charter change proposal lays the foundation to protect against no cause evictions at a local level. This basic protection should have been implemented decades ago and I hope you will join me in supporting it now.”

– Jack Hanson, East District City Councilor