Tonight’s win for Just Cause tells us that Burlington is ready to create a fairer more equitable housing market for the people of this city. The voters passed the Just Cause ballot measure by an emphatic 63%. This is not only a sign of where the City of Burlington stands but also a testament to the work, dedication and passion of housing advocates.

Thank you to the Just Cause coalition team and the hundreds of hours of phone banking, campaign planning and grassroots organization. It is because of you that this measure passed with two-thirds of the city’s support.

Tonight was a step on the journey towards making Burlington a fairer place to live. We are going to take this to the statehouse, pass it there with no changes, and get to work on building the Just Cause Eviction ordinances. 

Just Cause is the first progressive step taken in years to making Burlington a livable city for working people. Just Cause is the foundation for a rental housing market that ensures every tenant in this city can thrive in a good home for a reasonable price. Thank you to the 63% of Burlington that share this vision and the activists who made this happen.

Thank you,

The Just Cause Eviction Coalition